How to host a Magical Unicorn Party – Over 30 whimsical Party ideas

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The obsession with unicorns is as strong as it’s ever been.

And there’s nothing wrong with that! Unicorns represent magic and happiness, which makes a unicorn party the perfect party theme for any age.

If you’re here then there’s a good chance that your little one has asked for a unicorn themed party to celebrate their next birthday. And planning the perfect party doesn’t have to be a hassle.

All you need are the key ingredients – decorations, food, drink, entertainment and favors.

I’ve broken these down into sections for you, and have pulled together some of the best unicorn party ideas around.

All you need to do is pick two or three of your favorites from each section, throw in a sprinkle of glitter, and have fun!

Unicorn Party Decorations

Every good party needs decorations. It’s a chance to set the scene and get your guests in the mood for the celebrations from the moment they walk in your door.

Whether you’re going for soft pastel unicorns or crazy bright rainbow fun, these cute DIY unicorn decor ideas will get everyone in the mood for a party.

Free Unicorn Party Printables from The Party Bloc

I’m going to kick things off with a freebie from yours truly!

This free printable party pack is for perfect you, especially if you’re trying to keep the party decor budget friendly, or if you just love a DIY option!

It’s packed full of everything you need to host your party in style, from the party invitations to the cake and the banner. I’ve even included some “thank you” party favor tags and treat bag toppers so I’ve got you covered from start to finish! Just click here to find out more and download them.

And it’s surprisingly simple to put together! Agnes includes all of the printable templates in the tutorial and walks you through each step with her really clear instructions.

All you need to do is bring the cardstock and glue!

DIY unicorn Flower Backdrop from Hello Wonderful

I really love this DIY unicorn flower backdrop from Hello Wonderful. Isn’t is adorable?

It’s a great photo backdrop, but it’d also make a beautiful wall hanging.

And it’s surprisingly simple to put together! Agnes includes all of the printable templates in the tutorial and walks you through each step with her really clear instructions.

All you need to do is bring the cardstock and glue!

Glitter Dipped Cups from Evite

Everyone knows that unicorns and glitter make the perfect pairing.

These adorable DIY glitter cups are so easy to make, and will add a beautiful sparkle to your party table.

DIY Unicorn piñata from Oh Happy Day

Oh Happy Day transforms an ordinary donkey piñata into an iridescent unicorn beauty. It’s the ultimate piñata makeover.

Unicorn Mason Jars from Lines Across

These Unicorn Mason Jars From Lines Across are ADORABLE!

Super simple to make with a bit of Mod Podge and polymer clay, dotting a few of these jars around will be sure to make your guests smile.

And they don’t have to be purely decorative. You could also use them to store utensils or a few treats!

Unicorn Party Printables from Printable Crush

This free unicorn printable pack from Printable Crush is super easy. Just print and cut!

It’s a simple and quick way to transform the food table and bring juice boxes and cupcakes into the unicorn theme.

Balloon Cloud and Rainbow Streamer Backdrop from Honey and Betts

If you’re trying to keep your budget small then you have to check out this balloon cloud and rainbow streamer backdrop from Honey and Betts.

Just attach some white balloons to some fishing line to form the cloud, then tape up rainbow colored streamers from the dollar store.

You’ll have this whimsical backdrop in no time, and the kids will have a blast posing in front of it.

If you want to go the extra you could throw in some unicorn photo booth props like these.

Unicorn Party Food

There’s so much fun to be had with unicorn party food!

The bright colours, the sparkles, the sugar… it’s definitely the kind of food that spreads giggles and happiness.

So let’s take a look at these magical unicorn party food that kids will love.

Unicorn Horns from A Bajillian Recipes

Salty pretzel sticks, sweet caramel, white chocolate and sprinkles.

I’m completely sold on these unicorn horn pretzel rods from A Bajillian Recipes.

And they only take 5 ingredients! It’s the sweet and salty jackpot.

Rainbow Grilled Cheese from Pop Sugar

It’s easy to do the rainbow unicorn theme will sugary sweet food, but savory can be a bit of a challenge. This rainbow grilled cheese recipe is a little unexpected, but is sure to delight.

Rainbow Veggie Pizza from Gimme Some Oven

Pizza is always a party favorite, and this rainbow veggie pizza from Gimme Some Oven is a colorful, healthy twist on an old classic.

This colorful pizza is delicious way to get some extra veggies into your kids, and since it uses ready made flatbread it’s a breeze to make up. You can have it on the table in 20 minutes. Easy!

Unicorn Dip from Chocolate Covered Katie

This rainbow unicorn dip from Chocolate Covered Katie is something a bit healthier, but no less magical.

It takes only ten minutes to whip up, and then you can just add some crackers or add a fruit plate for dipping. Or you can use it to make unicorn strawberries.

Unicorn Popcorn from Beth Cakes

Popcorn has to be one of the most fun snacks around, and this unicorn popcorn from Beth Cakes is just too freakin’ adorable.

Just coat a couple bags of popped popcorn with pastel colored candy melts and add colorful sprinkles and your colorful party snack is ready.

You could even portion them out into these cute unicorn popcorn boxes for a bit of added fun!

Unicorn Frosted Animal Cookies from Aww Sam

These unicorn animal cookies from Aww Sam sound amazing.

Buttery cookies covered in pink and white chocolate and rainbow sprinkles? Yes please!

And the best bit is that there isn’t any need to mess around with piping any icing. Just dunk those cookies in chocolate until they’re well coated and then cover with sprinkles. So easy!

This unicorn cookie cutter set would be perfect if you wanted to mix the shapes up a bit.

Rainbow Unicorn Dessert Cups from Finding Zest

These no bake unicorn dessert cups from Finding Zest look amazing, and will be great showstopper dessert.

The jello mousse can be made in any color, so if you really wanted to push the boat out you could try making them in a rainbow of colors.

The chocolate unicorn horn toppers are the real star though. They look so impressive and aren’t too complicated to make. You just need colored candy melts, decorating brushes and the unicorn horn mold to pull off these impressive toppers. And you can make them well in advance so all you have to do on the day of the event is put everything together!

Unicorn Ice Cream from Bread Booze Bacon

I’m a little obsessed with this unicorn ice cream from Bread Booze Bacon.

The kids will go crazy for this frozen treat, which is really simple to make.

It’s a no churn vanilla ice-cream recipe which is transformed into this magical concoction with colored swirls and sprinkles. It’ll definitely elevate your dessert table!

Unicorn Cake from Rosanna Pansino

A party isn’t really a party without some cake. And this funfetti unicorn cake from Rosanna Pansino will be a magical centrepiece for your unicorn party that your guests will be talking about long after they go home.

It’s an impressive cake that looks complex, but comes together pretty easily. Especially since Rosanna walks you through each step with her helpful video which makes me feel like even I can tackle this recipe.

Unicorn Cupcakes from My Heavenly Recipes

If you prefer cupcakes for your party, then these unicorn cupcakes from My Heavenly Recipes are perfect for you.

They’re an absolute breeze to make. Funfetti box cake is baked into ice cream cones. They’re finished off with colorful swirled buttercream frosting and a fondant horn will a few more sprinkles for good measure.

I love how they’re baked into their own edible container. They’ll be sure to brighten up your celebrations!

Unicorn Party Drinks

The food is sorted, now let’s think about the drinks!

You can keep things simple with free printable juice box covers, but if you want something a bit more special take a look at these fun ideas.

Unicorn Bark Milkshake from Beth Cakes

Oh my gosh. This unicorn bark milkshake from Beth Cakes looks EPIC!

Just the sparkly, swirly unicorn bark alone would be an awesome treat, but adding it to a milkshake takes it to another level.

This milkshake is all about the decoration.

The milkshake itself is just vanilla ice cream blended with milk and berries to give it a pink tint. And then you can go to town with pieces of unicorn bark, cotton candy, rock candy, and a whole load of sprinkles.

The kids will be in unicorn heaven. And you’ll be happy knowing that you’ve managed to get some fruit inside them!

Unicorn Hot Chocolate from Cookies and Cups

This unicorn hot chocolate from Cookies And Cups is basically a white hot chocolate, but a whole load of sprinkles and a little pink food coloring transform it into a sweet and creamy magical drink.

It’s so simple and the kids will be jumping with delight when you hand out these frothy cups.

Unicorn Lemonade from Midget Momma

For something a bit more refreshing, how about this easy unicorn lemonade from Midget Momma.

Colored ice cubes and glitter really elevate a homemade lemonade, but you can still get the same effect if you sub the lemonade for store bought.

It’s ok, it can be our secret.

Cotton Candy Mocktail from Midget Momma

These 2 ingredient cotton candy mocktails from Midget Momma are pure magic and will definitely be a hit with the kids.

All you need to do is put some candy floss in a glass and pour some seltzer water over the top. And just like that you have a deliciously sweet drink that will enchant everyone.

Unicorn Party Games and Activities

By now they probably have tons of energy to burn after all of the sugary sweet swirls of unicorn food.

It’s time for the games to begin!

Unicorn Ring Toss from Party Delights

This magical unicorn ring toss game from Party Delights is quick to set up and fun t play for all ages.

It uses party items that you’re like to have around the house anyway, like hats, paper plates (these pink iridescent plates are super cute), and glow stick necklaces for the hoops.

Use some glitter glue to draw points onto the plates and you’re done!

Hand out cute prizes for the players with the highest scores – this party pack is filled with little unicorn knick knacks that could work well.

Pin The Horn On The Unicorn from Chicfetti

This free printable for Pin The Horn On The Unicorn from Chicfetti is a cute on-theme twist on an old classic.

We all know the rules but that doesn’t make it any less fun!

Unicorn Treasure Hunt from Growing Play

A scavenger hunt is always a fun party game.

This free printable for a unicorn treasure hunt From Growing Play is a great way to get the kids active and burning off some of that sugar.

Laminate the sheet and hand one out to each kid, or put them into teams and have each team go on the hunt together.

Magical Unicorn Rocks from Hello Wonderful

These cute unicorn rocks from Hello Wonderful are a fun and affordable party craft that will buy you a few minutes of quiet time. And they do double duty as a party favor!

All you need is some glitter cardstock, stickers and paint marker pens. Oh, and rocks.

If you’d rather not use hot glue with the kids around then these strong hold glue dots might work instead.

Unicorn Dreamcatcher from Hello Wonderful

These DIY dreamcatchers from Hello Wonderful are another fun activity that can double as a party favor.

This Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK yarn from LoveCrafts comes in a kaleidoscope of colors and would be perfect for this craft.

Get a bunch of yarn colors and let the kids have fun wrapping the embroidery hoops with yarn.

Add in some glitter cardstock and craft flowers and the final result will be a cute keepsake that they can bring home with them.

Unicorn Masks from It’s always autumn

Sure, you can buy unicorn masks, but isn’t it more fun to have the kids make their own?

Kids will have a ton of fun coloring in and making these adorable unicorn masks from It’s Always Autumn. And you get a few more minutes of calm while they’re busy with the crayons.

And when they’re done with the coloring they can let their imaginations run wild as the unicorn games begin!

This craft would also pair well with a photo backdrop so that the kids can have fun posing in their beautiful creations.

Unicorn Party Favors and Goodie Bags

Everyone has had their fun and it’s time to send them home.

Make sure you send them off with a smile with these whimsical unicorn party favor ideas!

Marbleized Unicorn Oreos from A side of Sweet

These white chocolate marbleized unicorn oreos from A Side Of Sweet are full on unicorn. They’re a fun treat that your guests will love finding in their party bags.

The marbleized effect is created by swirling a few drops of food coloring in melted white candy melts.

You can either make half dipped oreos, or use a candy mold like this one to make fully covered cookies. Add a little sprinkling of gold lustre dust to really knock these cookies out of the unicorn park!

Unicorn Slime Jars from The Best Ideas for Kids

Kids love slime. It’s squishy, colorful, tactile fun.

And these unicorn slime jars from The Best Ideas For Kids are perfect for bringing slime into the unicorn theme.

Fill the unicorn jars with white slime, or try this fluffy slime or this unicorn glitter slime. The possibilities are endless!

Magical Unicorn Pooping Sprinkles from Hello Wonderful

For some reason kids find poop hilarious.

Send them home in a fit of giggles with these magical unicorn pooping sprinkles from Hello Wonderful.

No Sew Unicorn Sleep Masks from Bird’s Party

For a sugar free party favor that kids can actually use why not try these no sew unicorn sleep masks from Bird’s Party.

All you need to do is cut out the pieces and glue them together! This would be especially awesome if you were hosting a unicorn themed slumber party.

Unicorn Printables from Teepee Girl

These cute free printables from Teepee Girl would make really cute party favor posters to tuck into a goodie bag.

The kids can hang them on their wall at home and they’ll be a great reminder of the awesome tie they had at your unicorn party!

Unicorn Party Bags from Party Delights

You’re need a bag to put all that unicorn swag into so why not try this unicorn party bag printable from Party Delights.

Just grab some colored paper gift bags and give them a magical makeover with the free printable.

You’re Ready!

Are you all hyped for your colorful unicorn party yet?

You have everything you need. Just pick a few of your favorite party ideas and get planning that magical unicorn party!

And don’t forget, I’ve got a free unicorn party printable pack for you! Just click right here to find out more and download.


Get ready to host a magical unicorn party for kids with these amazing whimsical party ideas! Everything you need, from decorations to favors and food.
Get ready to host a magical unicorn party for kids with these amazing whimsical party ideas! Everything you need, from decorations to favors and food.

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