43+ spooktacular halloween party ideas for kids

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Planning a Halloween party for your little monsters this year?

Whether you’re going for cute or creepy, you’ll be able to throw a wickedly fun Halloween party with these 43 great ideas.

From the decorations, to the food, games and party favors, we’ve got you covered!

Pick a few of your favourites and you’ll be well on your way to throwing a truly awesome Halloween party.

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Spooky Feasts

Halloween party food is too much fun. I know we’re always told not to play with our food, but Halloween has to be the exception!

Your little goblins will be screaming with delight at these creative and ghoulishly delicious food ideas.

Super Simple Mummy Hot dogs from The Party Bloc

Easy party food is the best kind, and it doesn’t get much easier than these quick and easy mummy hot dogs.

Just grab a bunch of hot dogs and a tube of crescent or croissant dough and get rolling and wrapping! After 10 minutes in the oven you’ll have the perfect creepy cute Halloween appetiser.

Mummy Puff Pastry Pizza Pies from Eats Amazing

Is a party really a party without pizza?

We’re staying with with the mummy theme for a moment with these puff pastry pizza pies.

This recipe uses chopped bell peppers and pepperoni, but any of your favourite pizza toppings would work. A plain cheese version would be perfect for veggie vampires!

Shrunken potato heads with slime dip recipe From Tesco

These shrunken potato heads are ghoulishly effective for the minimal effort that goes into creating them!

Gouge out a few holes for the faces, drizzle with oil, bake and you’re good to go. Perfect for dipping into that guacamole slime dip.

Puking Pumpkin nachos from Don’t Go Bacon My Heart

Puke is usually a questionable addition to the party table, but you’ve got to admit that a pumpkin puking nachos is a perfect Halloween showstopper!

Plus, kids seem to love pukey things for some reason so this is bound to be a winner.

Watermelon Head from Hello Fresh

Or for frighteningly fruity alternative, try this puking watermelon from Hello Fresh.

Chocolate Pretzel Spider Web Treats from The Party Bloc

These no bake chocolate pretzel spider webs are perfect a last minute Halloween party treat.

Sweet and savory is such a dreamy combination, and these pretzel spider web really deliver!

It’s such a quick and simple snack that only needs 2 ingredients which you probably have in your pantry right now, and is easy enough for kids to make.

Vampire Cookies from Midget Momma

Cookies are always a hit with kids.

Because nothing beats a homemade chocolate chip cookie.

And what’s better than one cookie?

These vampire cookies.

Two cookies, sandwiched together with buttercream, marshmallows and almond fangs.


Mummy Brownies from Suburban Simplicity

You can make brownies from scratch, but if you want to make it even easier you could use box brownies for these monstrously delicious mummy brownies.

All you have to do is cut out brownie circles and pipe melted white chocolate over them for the mummy bandages. What could be easier?

And the brownie cutoffs? Chef’s prerogative!

To make things even easier you could just buy some ready made brownies and decorate them. It’s ok, I won’t tell.

Giant Edible Cow Eyeball by Squirrels of a Feather

Giant cows eyeballs will turn a few heads on the table!

Funnily enough, these eyeballs are vegan.

They use coconut milk, agar agar and a spherical mould to create curiously realistic eyes.

Agar agar powder has a similar effect to gelatin, but is made from algae making it vegetarian and vegan friendly!

Green Slime Popcorn from Endlessly Inspired

Watch the kids squeal as they pick off slimy clumps of delicious sticky popcorn.

Melted marshmallows and some green food colouring make this gooey green slime popcorn as fun to make as it is to eat!

Cute & Creepy Halloween Candy bark from Living Locurto

Shards of creepy green bark are a great sweet treat to the party table.

The pieces are perfect on their own, or use them to add a ghoulishly cute Halloween effect to cupcakes, ice-cream or milkshakes.

This recipe uses vanilla almond bark as the base, but if you can’t get your hands on that then white chocolate would be a perfect substitute.

Easy Mummy Rice Krispie Treats from The Party Bloc

These mummy themed white chocolate coated rice krispie treats are a great last minute Halloween treat idea!

Kids love these chewy, crispy snacks, and you only need 2 ingredients to make them! They’re also super quick to make, which makes them a perfect last minute addition for your Halloween dessert table.

Bowl of Jello Worm from cpacker1 on Instructables

This bowl of worms is so gross, it’s bound to delight.

The jello and cream mix is eerily realistic and your little guests are sure to believe they’re eating the real thing! But tastier. Obviously.

For a bonus effect try serving them on a plate of chocolate soil!

Just crumble up some chocolate sandwich cookies or chocolate cake and arrange the jello worms on top.

Chocolate Spider Web Chocolate Sheet Cake from The Party Bloc

Is a party really a party without cake? Not in my house!

Sheet cakes are my favorite for those times when you need cake, but don’t have time to deal with layers or cupcakes. Easy, quick, and super simple to portion up, sheet cakes are always a crowd pleaser.

This chocolate spider web sheet cake is moist, fudgy and delicious. And the easy spider web decoration brings a fun seasonal twist to a classic cake.

Find the recipe here.

Spine Tingling Drinks

You’re going to need some drinks to go with all that food so here are some kid friendly Halloween favorites.

Melting Witch Hot Chocolate from Big Bear’s Wife

Who says hot chocolate is just for Christmas?

This vanilla flavored green hot choc is perfect for taking the edge off that Halloween chill.

I love the chocolate cookie hats that go on top. They’re a perfect added touch that your little flying monkeys are sure to enjoy.

Monster Floats from Salty Canary

If you’re not quite ready for hot chocolate, what about these monster floats from Salty Canary?

Lime sherbet or ice-cream mixed with some lemonade makes for a delightful monster treat. But this one is all about the decoration – those candy kabobs are the icing on the cake!

You could go wild making up your own. Gather up some gummy Halloween candy and thread them onto bamboo skewers for a monstrous franken garnish that will thrill the little ones.

And you don’t have to stop at decorating floats! They’d also make awesome cake toppers, or just hand them as party favors.

Shrunken Head Apple Punch from Tesco

These shrunken apple heads are giving me some serious Harry Potter vibes.

And it’s a really simple trick to pull off! Peel the apples, carve out the features and bake them on a low heat to shrink them.

You’ll end up with these fun, wizened heads, and I guarantee your kitchen will smell amazing.

Float them in a delicious spiced apple punch for a ghoulish twist that’s sure to terrify and delight.

Zombie Gore Drinks from Squirrel of a feather

I love these zombie gore drinks!

Gross chunks of zombie gore floating in a glass. It’ll definitely send shivers up your spine.

You’d never guess it was chunky of strawberry puree globbed at the bottom of still lemonade.

It’s crazy simple, and yet so effective.

Halloween Party Decorations

Time to trick out your home with these creepy and cute Halloween decoration ideas.

These simple DIY creations will make your home look boo-tiful for everyone’s favorite scary holiday.

Pick a few of your favorite makes from the list below and, don’t be afraid to get those decorations up early!

Bubbling Cauldron from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Fog sets an instant spooky mood for Halloween, and a bubbling cauldron is the perfect way to do that.

The fog is made with ultrasonic mist makers like these. They use water to create a superfine mist, so there’s no heat or chemicals involved.

Just place your mist makers inside a black cauldron (these plastic cauldron planters would be brilliant!) and add water.

And if you can get mist makers like these that come with coloured LED lights you’ll able make the mist light up for that super spooky effect that’ll fascinate your little party goers.

This bubbling cauldron tutorial is for an outdoor cauldron, but you could definitely make it work indoors too. Just be aware that some water might get splashed around a bit, so be sure to keep it away from anything that might get damaged.

Bat branch centerpiece from the Sweetest Occasion

Decorations can get expensive, so this affordable and effective bat branch centerpiece is sure to be a winner.

I love how it looks like a little colony of bats flying out from the centre of the branches!

And it’s so quick and easy to make that you can put it together in less than 20 minutes.

I’d call that a winner.

Just gather together some thin branches. You could buy them or head out to the woods and scavenge them – that could even be something to get your kids involved with!

Then all you need is a bat template like this one. Cut the bats out of some black glitter cardstock. Arrange your branches in a vase and hot glue them to the branches. Simple!

Spiderweb Balloons from Creative Wife and Joyful Worker

Take your Halloween party balloons up a notch with these spiderweb balloons.

All you’ll need are some black balloons and fake spiderweb fabric for an easy decoration that comes together in minutes.

Floating Witch hats from Polka Dot Chair

These floating witch hats use Command hooks like these, cheap and cheerful witch hats, and LED light sticks to create a spooky atmosphere.

If you’re struggling to find LED light sticks then you could try battery tea lights like these. I think the flickering light effect from the tea lights would really add to the spooky effect!

Venus Fly Trap Candy Holder from The Paper Mama

How awesome is this venus fly trap candy holder?

A few coats of paint complete transform this foam pumpkin into a killer candy holder.

Your little horrors will be squealing with delight as they stick their hands in to grab a piece of candy.

Glow in the Dark Pumpkins from One Little Project

No Halloween party is complete without pumpkins.

These little pumpkins look pretty freakin’ adorable in daylight, but they really come to life in the dark.

This glow in the dark spray would be perfect, but glow in the dark paint might work as well.

Toilet Paper Roll Candy Garland from The House that Lars built

Take those empty toilet roll tubes out of the recycling bin and turn them into these bright and spookily beautiful candy garlands!

You could even fill them with candy and hand them out as party favors. I love crafts that can work double duty!

Origami Halloween Lights from Handmade Charlotte

If you’re more into cute than creepy then check out these little origami balloon lights.

Super cute and easy to put together for a bit of cute spookiness.

Halloween Party games

Time to keep your little monsters entertained!

By now they probably have tons of energy to burn after all of that Halloween candy, so let’s take a look at some scary good games to get them in the party spirit.

Pop Goes the Pumpkin from Martha Stewart Living

Let’s start with a bang!

This pop goes the pumpkin game makes an awesome pumpkin decoration until it’s time to reveal it’s real purpose as a fun carnival game is revealed!

Kids will have a blast popping the balloons to reveal the confetti and treats hidden inside.

Pin the Spider on the Web by Ella Claire Inspired

This pin the spider on the web game is a cute Halloween spin on pin the tail on the donkey.

Just print out the giant spiderweb and tape it to the wall.

It works the same was as pin the tail on the donkey, but the winner is the kid who pins their spider closest to the centre of the web.

Pumpkin Patch Stomp from Delia Creates

Create your own little backyard pumpkin patch.

Just add candy and coins to orange balloons before you blow them up and set them out on the lawn.

The kids will love the excuse to make a loud mess, and the treats will help weigh down the balloons while they get stomping.

Donut Tree from Oh Happy Day

Instead of bobbing for apples, why not try bobbing for donuts with a donut tree?

Just string up a bunch of donuts from a tree and have fun attacking those sugary, doughy treats.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if donuts really grew on trees?

Halloween Bowling from Keeping it Simple

This simple Halloween bowling game is a great way to put those empty food cans to use.

Just paint them up with cute and creepy faces, and wrap a couple of cans and a ball with scraps of fabric.

Then it’s time for the fun. See how many creepy cans you can knock down in one shot.

Halloween Touch and Feel Game from The Mumsy Blog

Your little goblins will be giggling in disgust as they plunge their fingers into the piles of “witches fingers”, “giants toes” and “bleeding hearts” hidden in this Halloween touch and feel game.

But you’ll have the last laugh knowing that they’re really touching green beans, chopped carrots and tomatoes.

Raid your fridge and pantry for other slimy, squishy or crunchy foods to creep them out with!

DIY Pumpkin Twister from Pint-Sized Treasures

Have a blast with with this spooktacular DIY spin on Twister!

The tutorial for this Pumpkin Twister game includes all of the printables you need to get started, including all of the colored pumpkins and the spinner board.

Grab the printable set for free over at Pint-Sized Treasures.

Pumpkin Toss from Playground Park Bench

This pumpkin toss game is an easy to assemble twist on a bean bag toss.

Just hot glue some dollar store mini cauldrons to a canvas and start throwing the mini pumpkins in.

And the best part? The mini candy pumpkins are edible! Although you can always use little balls if you’d rather not add more sugar to the party.

Skeleton Hands Relay Race from productive Pete

This simple skeleton hands game uses dollar store decorations to create a relay style egg and spoon race.

Switch out the spoons for skeleton hands and the eggs for eyeballs or mini pumpkins and you have a ghoulish twist on an old favourite that kids will love!

Eyeball Halloween Hunt from Get Your Holiday On

This eyeball Halloween hunt is a fun way to get the kids outside to burn off some of that energy from all that Halloween candy!

A bit like a spooky Easter hunt, hide a bunch of plastic eyeballs around the garden and have them find as many as possible.

For more frantic fun why not turn it into a minute to win it challenge and see who can snag the most in a minute!

Halloween Party Favors and goody bags

By now the kids have had an amazing time.

You don’t want to send them home empty handed, so make your Halloween party extra memorable and prolong the fun with a few of these party favor and goody bag ideas.

Witch Hot Chocolate Kits from Kid Friendly Things to Do

These cute witch hot chocolate kits are so simple and easy to put together.

Putting them together could be a great weekend activity to do with your kids to get them more involved.

Halloween Slime Trio from The Best Ideas for Kids

Kids love slime, and this Halloween slime trio is a spookily cute and candy free favor to pop into their favor bags.

This tutorial is for Frankenstein, Pumpkin Head and Ghost, but there’s nothing to stop you getting creative and making up your own little monster mash up!

Tissue Paper Pumpkin Favours from One Little Project

The kids have probably had a ton of candy by now, but there’s no harm sending them off with a little bit more!

These little jack-o-lantern pumpkin favors are utterly adorable and super simple.

Just wrap up a little pile of candy in circles of orange tissue paper and seal them shut with some green tape.

And if you did want to ease up on the candy you could add little toys or other sugar free treats! Just keep out anything with hard corners or edges that might tear the paper.

Pencil Brooms from Glued to my Crafts

A little bit of brown felt transforms these pencils into witchy pencil brooms.

This is so quick and easy, it’s a great idea for a last minute party favor.

Cute Candy Free treat and Printable from Polka Dot Chair

Vampire fangs are a must at Halloween.

I love this idea to package them up with a cute gift tag like this free printable from Polka Dot Chair that reminds kids to brush their teeth after all that candy!

Booo-bbles Bubbles from Tatertots and Jello

This free Booo-bubbles printable from Tatertots and Jello is a great way to bring a little bottle of bubbles into the Halloween season.

Add the labels to ready made bubbles, or keep an eye out for cute little potion style bottles and make them up yourself.

Jack-O-Lantern Treat Bags from Made to be a Momma

These cute and simple Jack-o-lantern treat bags are a great way to spread a bit of Halloween fun!

The silly faces are a hit with kids and are easy to draw onto clear plastic bags. Get creative with the sharpie and see how many silly faces you or your kids can come up with!

Glow in the Dark Monster Eyeball Keychains from Amy Latta Creations

Key chains are a great addition to a goody bag.

Keep things seasonal with these eyeball key chains.

They use glow in the dark polymer clay to create a monstrously creepy effect that kids will love.

Because everyone loves glow in the dark stuff, right?

And I bet this is another craft that your kids will want to help out making!

Printable Spooky Pumpkin Boxes from Oh Happy Day

Sometimes the packaging is as much fun as the contents, and that is definitely true for these spooky pumpkin boxes from Oh Happy Day.

Just grab some printer friendly bright orange card and the free printable from Oh Happy Day and get folding!

Pumpkin Party Bags from Party Delights

You’ll need something for your guests to take their party favors home in, so why not send them off in style with these DIY pumpkin party bags.

They’re so easy to make. Just get some orange paper gift bags – these recycled paper bags would work well. Print out the free pumpkin faces, glue them on, and you’re done!

It’s the perfect evening craft to keep your hands busy while you binge scary movies on Netflix.


You made it! There are some hauntingly good Halloween ideas here, but I couldn’t resist adding one more of my own!

In case you hadn’t guessed already, I LOVE Halloween, and I couldn’t resist creating this set of spooky cute printables that I can’t wait to share with you.

Just click here to find out more and grab your free download!

You’re ready!

Are you all hyped for Halloween yet?

I know I am! I’m ready to turn down the lights, pull out the blankets and pumpkin candles and start on that scary movie marathon.

But first, pick a few of your favorite party ideas and get planning that Halloween party!


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