Free Snowflake SVG Files

This holiday season has snuck up on me really quick!

With my 1 year old getting into absolutely everything this year I’ve had to keep the more delicate Christmas decorations in storage.

Which means lots of new Christmas crafting and festive gift for you – this bundle of 21 free snowflake SVG files!

These snowflake SVGs have been so much fun to use.

I used my Cricut to cut a bunch of them out and used them to decorate my tree. I also used some of the snowflakes to make a cute snowflake garland to hang above the fireplace.

I really wanted to have some decorations that my little one can touch and explore without worrying about stuff breaking, so these paper snowflakes have been perfect this year.

These snowflake SVGs would also make lovely cards, and even a lantern!

We already have a few shop bought lanterns up and my little boy is obsessed with them, so I’ve got plans to make a paper lantern for him to play with.

I have so many ideas for these snowflake SVGs and I really wanted to share them all with you!

I actually had so much fun making these snowflakes that I just couldn’t stop doodling new designs.

I ended up making 21 different snowflake designs before realizing that I was getting a little bit too obsessed and had to step away from the computer…

But that’s good news for you because I’ve put them all together into a snowflake SVG bundle that you can download below!

Looking for a winter-themed project to work on? Check out these free snowflake SVG files! Perfect for adding a touch of frosty magic to your holiday designs, these files are easy to customize and use.  Whether you're looking for a simple snowflake to add to your Christmas cards or want to create an intricate wintry scene, these files have you covered. With a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, you can find the perfect snowflake for your needs.  So bundle up and get creative this winter – download these free snowflake SVG files and start crafting!

What do you get in your Free Snowflake SVG Bundle

As well as the 21 snowflake SVGs, I’ve also included a stacked snowflake SVG file which has all 21 snowflakes layered on top of each other in one file.

If you want to use more than one or two of the snowflakes from the bundle, I find it easier to upload the stacked SVG file to Cricut Design Space.

Once it’s uploaded you can separate out the layers in Design Space to get the snowflakes that you want – it save you having to upload 21 separate snowflake files!

I’ve also included all of the snowflakes as PNG files in case that works better for you.

READY for your free snowflakes?

Download your free snowflake SVG files below!


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