Free Printable Letter to Santa and Matching Printable Envelope

December is right around the corner, which makes it the perfect time to write a letter to Santa!

Writing to Santa is such a lovely Christmas tradition for kids to enjoy.

And in the spirit of the holiday season, I’ve made this free printable Santa letter for you to print out and use.

Of course, plain lined paper is always a perfectly good option for writing a letter to Santa, but a printable template like this is so much more fun and festive!

Plus, I’ve included a little coloring in section at the bottom so this can double as a holiday craft activity too.

It’s so fun to see what your kids ask for each year. And it’s a simple way to find out what’s on their wish list without having to ask them so that you can keep the magic of Santa’s Christmas gift alive!

I even know some parents who even like to keep a copy of their kids’ letters as a keepsake to look back over.

How to send a letter to Santa

All you need to do is download the free printable at the bottom of the page.

I’ve used a fill-in-the-blanks format which can work really well if your kid gets intimidated by a blank page. The prompts are also a nice way to get kids to think about their behaviour over the year and decide whether they’ve been naughty or nice!

The download includes a matching printable envelope template with a Santa stamp and a cute “Elf Express Special Delivery” postal mark. Then all you need to do is add your letter to the envelope and seal it up!

But did you know that you can really mail your letter to Santa?

What is Santa Claus’ Real Mailing Address?

Yes, you really can send a letter to Santa Claus! And in most cases you can even get a reply from Saint Nick himself if you get it in the post in time.

If you want to actually mail your letter to Santa you might want to skip the matching envelope because you’ll need to use the real mailing address that your national postal service provides.

But don’t worry if your country doesn’t have it’s own Santa letter service! You can always send your letter to the Arctic Circle Santa in Lapland, Finland, and some other countries will accept international letters too. Just be mindful of the posting dates as you’ll probably need to mail your letter a little earlier.

In fact, the sooner you send your letter the better chance you have of getting your reply from Santa before Christmas Day.

So here are a few addresses for Santa around the world:

North America

Santa’s US address is:


You’ll need to add a first class mail stamp to your envelope, and include your full name and address in the upper left corner. For more information check out the USPS Operation Santa page, and the USPS page about letters to Santa.

If you want a reply before Christmas make sure that your letter is postmarked by December 12th.


Santa’s Canadian address is:

H0H 0H0

If you’re posting your letter to Santa from within Canada, there’s no need to add postage but you will need to include your return address.

And remember to send your letter before December 9th to stand a chance of getting a reply before Christmas Day. Check out the Canada Post page for more information.


Kids in the UK can write to Santa at:


You’ll need to add a stamp to your envelope and include your full name and address in your letter.

Send your letter by December 9th to get a reply from Father Christmas. It can take up to 10 days to receive a response.

For more information check out the Royal Mail Letters to Santa page here.


You can write to Australian Santa at:


You’ll have to attach a 65c Christmas card-only stamp to your envelope, and include your name and address on the back.

Don’t forget to send your letter by December 2nd if you want to get a reply from Father Christmas. If you’re a teacher, the deadline is November 24th to make sure all the kids get a reply from Santa.

Check out Australia Post’s Santa mail page for more information.


You can also send a letter to Santa in his original home of Lapland!

Lapland Santa receives around half a million letters from children all over the world every year! If you want to be one of them, you can send your letter to:


For more information check out Lapland’s special letter to Santa page here. And if you want a reply from Santa you can order one from the Finnish Postal Service here.

Letter to Santa printable template and matching envelope on a white wood table, with fairy lights, hot cocoa and gold stars in the background

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How to get your free letter to Santa printable

Sending a letter to Santa couldn’t be easier with this free fill-in-the-blanks template!

  1. Click on the download link below.
  2. Unzip the file to your hard drive.
  3. Print out as many copies of the letter and matching envelope as you want.

The download includes the letter and the matching envelope. Both are in PDF format in a zipped file. There’s a US Letter version which is sized for 8.5 x 11 inches, and an A4 version as well so you can choose the printable size that you prefer!

For the best results I’d recommend printing on high quality printer paper.

How to assemble the free printable envelope

The download file includes two matching envelope templates. One is sized to fit on US Letter paper (8.5 x 11 inches) and the other fits on A4 paper.

Just pick the version that matches your paper size and print it out. White cardstock will be the most durable, but some printers can struggle to print on anything that’s too thick. If you’re in that camp then a good quality printer paper will work just as well.

All you need to do it cut along the black outline of the envelope with some scissors.

Fold the two side flaps inwards along the grey dotted line to get a nice crisp edge. A bone folder can really help with this, but if you don’t have one then the edge of a clean ruler or smooth, blunt knife can also work.

Next, fold the bottom flap (the one with the square corners) up in the same way.

Apply some glue or double sided sticky tape to the side flaps, where it says “GLUE HERE”, and attach them to the bottom flap.

Then fold the top flap (with the rounded corners) down.

Once Santa’s letter is all written out you can fold it up, pop it inside your DIY envelope and seal with glue, stickers, or (my favorite option!) some cute festive washi tape.

Ready for your Santa letter? Download the PDF file below!

Click the BLUE DOWNLOAD BUTTON below to get your free Santa letter and envelope PDF!

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