Free Earth Day Coloring Pages

To celebrate Earth Day and our beautiful planet this April, I’ve made a collection of 7 free Earth Day coloring pages!

These Earth Day coloring pages are a great way to teach kids of all ages about Earth Day and how to preserve our precious planet, while having some fun at the same time. They’re perfect to use if you’re home-schooling or if you just want a screen free activity to entertain your kids with.

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What is Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 every year.

Since it began in 1970 Earth Day has grown into a global movement for people to show their support for environmental protection, conservation, and clean, sustainable living.

It’s the perfect opportunity to teach your kids about the need to protect our fragile planet from things like pollution, deforestation and climate change, and help to educate them on what they can do protect and preserve our world.

Earth Day tips to make the most of your Coloring pages

In the spirit of Earth Day, here are a few tips to help preserve our precious environment while still having fun with these Earth Day coloring pages.

Only print out as many coloring sheets as you need

If you only want two or three of the coloring pages then just print those particular sheets instead of the whole pack to help save paper.

Print on both sides of the paper

Printing on both side of the paper is one of the best ways to “reuse” paper and reduce the amount of paper used!

Use the colored in sheets for Kids’ crafts

There are tons of ways that you can repurpose your Earth Day coloring pages once the kids have finished having fun coloring them in!

You can use the colored in pages as wrapping paper, or for other kids’ crafts. The sheets can be cut up and used for origami, or teach your kids how to make paper planes and have contests to see whose plane goes the farthest. You can even reuse your coloring sheets in papier maché, or for collage and scrapbooking.

Or you could cut them into strips and make paper chains, or use them to cover a notebook.

You can even make jewelry with with paper! Paper beads are a really fun activity, and a great way to use up bits of paper.

Make an envelope

People love to receive snail mail so why not repurpose your Earth Day coloring pages into a cute recycled paper envelope so you can send a letter to a loved one.

Check out this video for a fun and easy tutorial!

Shred it for packing material

If you have a shredder you can use shredded up coloring sheets to make eco-friendly packing material. It’s lightweight, and a great way to pad out empty areas in parcels, especially if you’re sending something fragile in the mail. Why not make up a batch of cookies as a gift for a relative, and use the shredded paper to pad out the box?

Use it for pet bedding

Shredded paper is a great alternative to straw, hay and other bedding materials. It’s a great way to repurpose your Earth Day coloring pages as pet bedding for small animals like hamsters, mice and guinea pigs.

Make notepads

If you’ve only printed on one side of the paper you can stack your Earth Day coloring pages together with all the unused sides facing the same way, and use a binder clip to hold the them together for a makeshift notebook. You can cut the paper down to size to create a smaller notebook if you don’t need it to be letter sized.

To make a more robust notepad you could staple the sheets together, or use a holepunch to punch holes and add some cardboard to the front and back for a cover. Or why not try your hand at some bookbinding?

Make your own Recycled paper

Making recycled paper is a great activity for your kids to get involved with, and it’s actually pretty easy. Check out this tutorial to see how to do it:

Use your Earth Day Coloring Pages in the garden

If you have a garden you can shred your used Earth Day coloring sheets and compost them. Or use them to fold little paper seed pots.

You see, there are so many ways you can reuse your Earth Day coloring pages! Be creative and have fun with it.

Ready for your coloring pages? Download the PDF file below!

You get two PDFs with your Earth Day coloring pages download file.

One is sized for US letter printers and the other is in A4 format so you can choose the size that works best for you.

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