DIY Carrot Treat Box

I’ve got a fun Easter treat for you today with this cute carrot treat box template!

This cute treat box is a great way to package up little gifts this Easter. Fill them with mini chocolate eggs and candies for an adorable addition to your Easter basket. Or pop a few of them around your house for easy Easter decorations or table decor.

The best part is how easy they are to make!

DIY Easter carrot treat box in a basket surrounded by chocolate eggs

You can put one together in just a few minutes with your Cricut. In fact, this is the very first thing that I made with my new Cricut Maker!

I’m going to level with you here… I’ve actually had my maker for a few months but I’ve been too intimidated by it to use it.

I finally dusted it off for this project, and I’m SO glad I did because it’s such fun to use! So if you’re in the same boat then this carrot box is the perfect beginner Cricut project.

But you can still make this cute Easter treat box without a Cricut! I’ve included the PDF files for you so you can print them out and cut your box by hand if you want to.

Enough chat! Let me show you how to make your own fun Easter carrot treat box.

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Carrot treat box with an Easter basket and an open carrot box filled with mini chocolate eggs


  • An SVG file
  • A4 PDF with colored box template, colored box template with markings and outline template
  • US Letter PDF with colored box template, colored box template with markings and outline template

Materials for the Carrot Treat Box

  • 1 sheet of 65 lb / 180 gsm orange cardstock
  • 1 sheet of 65 lb / 180 gsm green cardstock
  • Tacky glue or double sided sticky tape
  • A way for you to cut your treat box (I used my Cricut Maker, but if you want to do it by hand you’ll need scissors or a craft knife)
  • A cutting mat (I used the light grip, or a self healing cutting mat if you’re cutting by hand)
  • A scoring tool (and a ruler if you’re cutting by hand)
  • My free SVG files or printable PDF templates

How to make the Easter Treat Box

The first step is to cut out your cardstock.

If you’re using a Cricut and uploading the SVG file to the Cricut Design Space:

The SVG has the orange carrot box as well as two leaf pieces which are stacked on top of each other.

The yellow dotted lines are score lines.

For the carrot you’ll need to change the score layer (the one with just lines) from Cut to Score.

The ellipses and the line on top of the lid flap are cut lines so you can leave them as they are.

For the leaves you’ll need to change the score layer (the one with just one line line) from Cut to Score, and then attach it to the green layer. Make sure you do this for each leaf!

Ungroup everything, then attach all the lines to the orange layer.

If you’re cutting by Hand (without a cutting machine):

Open either the A4 or US Letter PDF file.

Each file has a few different options for you to choose:

  • A plain colored version for printing onto white cardstock
  • Colored version with carrot markings for printing onto white cardstock
  • A plain outline version for printing onto colored cardstock

Just choose the version that you’d like to make, and print out the carrot template and the leaf pieces.

If you’d like to make a version with different markings you can print out the plain version, and then add your own markings however you’d like to do it!

Once you’ve printed everything out, cut out the pieces with scissors or a craft knife like an X-acto.

Score along the dotted score lines with a bonefolder or scoring tool.

Assemble your carrot treat box!

Once you’ve cut all the pieces out, carefully fold each piece along the score lines.

Glue or double sticky tape the tab on the left side to the underside of the right edge to form a carrot shaped box.

Line up the two leaf pieces and gently push the thin bottom edges through the slit on the lid of your carrot box. Open the tabs up and glue or tape them to the underside of the lid.

And that’s all there is to it! Your carrot treat box is ready for you to fill with Easter or spring themed goodies and candies. These carrot boxes would also be a cute way to hide a Easter egg hunt clue!

DIY Easter carrot treat box with mini chocolate eggs inside

I’ve filled mine with mini chocolate eggs. The finished box can hold quite a lot of chocolate, so you could always use some shredded or crumpled up tissue paper inside to take up a bit more room, especially if you’re trying to moderate your kids’ sugar intake over the Easter holidays!


Click the BLUE DOWNLOAD BUTTON below to get your free carrot treat box files!

So what do you think of my first Cricut project?

Let me know how YOUR carrot treat box turned out! I’d love to hear what fun goodies you’ve filled yours with, so drop me a comment to share how you’ve used yours!

DIY Easter carrot treat box sitting in a basket surrounded by mini foil wrapped chocolate eggs

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This easy DIY carrot treat box is a perfect Easter craft for kids (and adults!). It's a cute way to gift little Easter treats, or hide an Easter Egg Hunt clue. Or make a few of them to use as fun Easter decorations or table decor. Free printable pattern for you to print and cut, or cut on a Cricut or Silhouette. This easy papercraft box is also an excellent beginner Cricut project!

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