Free Christmas Word Scramble with Answer Sheet

Looking for a fun and festive activity to enjoy with your loved ones during the holiday season? This free Christmas word scramble printable is the perfect solution!

This Christmas word scramble activity is suitable for all ages and is sure to bring some holiday cheer to your gathering.

To play, simply print out the word scramble sheet and see who can unscramble the Christmas-themed words the fastest.

You can even turn it into a competition by setting a time limit and seeing who can complete the most words in that time. Or, you can split into teams and work together to solve the scramble.

There are so many different ways that you can turn this Christmas word scramble into some fun holiday entertainment!

Unscramble the holiday-themed words in this free printable Christmas Word Scramble

The word scramble sheet features a variety of Christmas-themed words, including traditional holiday phrases, decorations, and more. Some examples of the words included in the scramble are “jolly,” “sleigh,” “lights,” and “holly.”

In addition to being a fun activity, word scrambles can also help improve vocabulary and problem-solving skills. So not only will you be having a good time, but you’ll also be exercising your brain!

If you get stuck on any of the words, don’t worry – I’ve included a separate answer key PDF in your download. All you need to do is check the key to see the unscrambled word.

To download the free printable, simply click on the link below. I hope you enjoy this holiday activity, and have a very merry Christmas!

Add some festive fun to your holiday gathering with this free Christmas word scramble printable

How to get your free Christmas word Scramble and Answer Key

Click on the download link below to save the zipped word search file to your computer.

  1. Unzip the file to your hard drive.
  2. Print out the word scramble file. You can print as many copies as you want to get the whole family in on the festive fun!

The zipped file you download will include two files in US letter PDF format – the word scramble puzzle and the separate answer key.

For the best possible results, use high quality printer paper or light cardstock.

Ready for your christmas word scramble pdf? Download the file below!

Click the BLUE DOWNLOAD BUTTON below to get your Christmas word scramble with answers

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