45 Best Easter Party Ideas That Kids Will Love

Hands up if you’re ready for Easter! 🙌

I love the Easter holidays. Just when you think winter is never going to end, along comes Easter with all the joys of spring and pretty pastels.

And the chocolate. You’ve got to love a holiday with such close ties to chocolate!

So why not make the most of Easter by throwing an egg-cellent kids Easter party.

All you need are the key ingredients – decorations, food, drink, entertainment and favors.

I’ve broken them down into sections for you, and collected some of the most egg-cellent Easter party ideas for each section.

Whether you’re throwing a egg decorating crafternoon or a classic Easter Egg Hunt, all you need to do is pick two or three of your favorite ideas from each section and have fun!

So put the hippity in your hop with these easy and fun party ideas that will get you in the springtime mood!

Easter Party Decorations

This is where you can start to set that springtime mood with lots of fun colors. It’s amazing how much a few cute decorations can really transform your party space.

And whether you’re going for bright, punchy colors or soft pastels, these sweet DIY Easter decorations are sure to make your party eggs-tra special in no time.

Felt Ball Bunny Garland From A Kailo Chic Life


Let’s kick things off with something super cute – this Felt Ball Bunny Garland from A Kailo Chic Life.

It’s utterly adorable, and so simple to put together. Just get yourself some felt balls, felt, tiny pompoms, and string and you’re all set!

DIY Carrot Garland From Tell Love and Party/Crate and Barrel

If bunnies aren’t your thing why not try this DIY carrot garland by Tell Love and Party.

Or why not make both?! They’d look super sweet paired together over your mantel or up on the wall.

And this carrot garland is such a fun and easy craft that your kids could help you to put together.

Easter Egg Straws From And We Play

These Easter Egg Straws from And We Play are so freakin’ cute!

It’s such a clever idea, and I really love how customisable they are.

I am in love with Kersey’s cool black and white monochrome, but you could easily paint them to match your party theme colors. Or get your little guests to decorate their own!

Bunny Butt Flower Pots From Crafty Morning

Don’t you just love these adorable little Bunny Butt Flower Pots from Crafty Morning?!

Dot a few of these bunny butt pots around and you’ll be sure to get a few giggles!

You could also jazz them up with a few spring flowers and chocolate eggs. Get creative and make them all different!

Giant Easter Bunny Balloons From A Kailo Chic Life

Balloons are brilliant party decor, especially if you’re decorating on a budget. They’re cheap and are great for filling up any empty gaps in your decor.

These Giant Easter Bunny Balloons from A Kailo Chic Life are perfect for Easter balloon decor.

Kara uses giant balloons to make these huge bunnies, but smaller ones would work just as well. Or mix up the sizes to create a little bunny menagerie!

Springtime Carrot Cutlery From Thirsty for Tea

It’s not always easy to get your cutlery on these, but this Springtime Carrot Cutlery from Thirsty For Tea is just perfect.

It’s so simple yet so effective!

I love the idea of standing them up in a box or plant pot full of dried lentils so that your guests can pluck their own carrot cutlery!

It could get a bit messy if your have lots of kids around though, so if that’s something you’re worried about just pop them all into a basket.

DIY Typography Easter Eggs from Lovely Indeed

These DIY Typography Easter Eggs from Lovely Indeed are super fun.

I love the cheerful colors and cute phrases!

True, it’d be a bit of a pain to cut all those letters out by hand. But if you’re like me and have a Cricut lurking around in the box this this is the perfect craft to put it to use.

You could definitely hide some of these eggs for an Easter egg hunt, but it’s almost a shame to hide them away! They’d look so cheerful laid out in a dish, or nestled in around your other Easter decor.

And I love the idea of making them with faux eggs so you can pull them out year after year. These paper mache eggs would be perfect.

Easter Egg Topiary Tree From Sand and Sisal

This Easter Egg Topiary Tree from Sand And Sisal is such a fun table piece!

The soft pastel blues are so beautiful and elegant, but you could use whichever colors you like in your topiary. The typography eggs from Lovely Indeed would be a really colorful addition!

Easy Easter Table Setting From Take Time for Style

If you want a table setting that’s a little less time consuming, this Easy Easter Table Setting from Take Time For Style is perfect.

It’s so simple and laid back, but still really effective.

Everything you need to make this is probably already in your cupboards!

This would be really cute with some colorful styrofoam eggs added to the Peeps bouquet. Just add them to the end of a skewer to fill out the Peeps.

Easter Egg Balloon Table Runner From Itsy Belle Studio

More balloons! Can you have too many balloons at a party?

This Easter Egg Balloon Table Runner from Itsy Belle Studio is a great addition to your Easter table.

The pastel balloons really do look like giant painted Easter eggs!

It’s also a great craft to get the kids involved with. They’ll love playing with the paints and decorating their gian “eggs”!

And although this is a table runner you could really run with the idea. Why not attach a ribbon to the knots and hang a couple of your Easter balloon eggs from the ceiling, or on the wall? Adding a bit of height to your party decorations is a brilliant way to make your decor pop!

Easy Easter Egg Wreath From The Soccer Mom Blog

Wreaths are a fun way to celebrate the holidays. This Easy Easter Egg Wreath from The Soccer Mom Blog is the perfect Easter wreath.

It’s so cheerful and easy to put together. And it’s glittery! What a perfect way to greet your Easter party guests.

Easter Party Food

Easter wouldn’t be the same without chocolate, but there are lots of other fun foods that you can wow your guests with.

From savory snacks to sweet treats, your guests won’t be able to resist these cute and yummy foods!

Easter Bunny Spinach Dip from It’s Always Autumn

Spinach dip has never looked so adorable!

This Easter Bunny Spinach Dip from It’s Always Autumn definitely looks fancy, but is surprisingly simple to put together. No bread making skills needed – you just need a few crescent roll sheets and you’re good to go!

Easy to make and delicious. This one will definitely be a hit with the kids (and the grown ups too!).

Fun & Healthy Easter Nest Bagels from Eats Amazing

Chocolate and candy is pretty much obligatory during the Easter season, so these Easter nest bagels from Eats Amazing are a great opportunity to serve up something a little healthier.

It’s super customizable, so you can use whichever spread is a fave in your family. And the carrot “nests” are so easy and cute!

I bet you could easily turn this into a sweet dish as well if you preferred. Maybe swap out the cream cheese for peanut butter, and use apples instead of cucumber for a fun twist on a old classic.

Easter Chicks Deviled Eggs from Cincy Shopper

Aren’t these Easter chicks deviled eggs from Cincy Shopper the most adorable little things?!

They might be a little fiddly to put together, but imagine how cute they’d all look on your Easter table!

They’re a perfect snack for an Easter Egg Hunt or an Easter brunch party. They almost look too cute to eat, but deviled eggs are always a hit so I’m sure they’ll vanish before you know it!

Easy Chocolate Easter Nests from The Party Bloc

These Easy Chocolate Easter Nests From The Party Bloc are adorable!

They’re quick and fun to make, and are a great recipe to get the kids involved with.

You only need 4 ingredients to whip up a batch of these yummy treats. Just grab some cornflakes, syrup, butter and chocolate and you’re ready to start!

Easter Fruit & Veggie Cups from Simple As That

It doesn’t get much cuter (or easier!) than these Easter fruit & veggie cups from Simple As That!

All you need are some paper cups, cardstock and a sharpie to draw on the little faces, and they’re ready fill.

I love how versatile these sweet cups are. It’s basically just a cup, so you’re free to fill them with your fave fruit or veggies. You could even skip the snacks and use them for drinks or yogurt.

This could also be a fun kids craft. Let them make their own cups, and then put a big platter of fruits and veggies on the table for them to fill their handiwork with.

Anything to get a few extra veggies in them!

Easy Easter Oreo Bark from Suburban Simplicity

Bark is the ultimate easy candy craft. And it’s so delicious!

This easy Easter Oreo bark from Suburban Simplicity is no exception.

All you need is some white chocolate, oreos, M&Ms and candy sprinkles, and you have this super simple sweet treat. Although you can totally change up the candies that you add to it if you want. I think the colors are what make this so Easter-y so I’d try to find pastel colored candies if you can.

It’s a great recipe to get the kids involved with. They’ll have a lot of fun crushing the cookies and mixing up all those sprinkles to make this magical Easter treat.

You can even whip up a batch of this in advance. It lasts about a week in an airtight container, if you can keep your hands off it that long! I’d recommend keeping an extra batch of ingredients on hand in case it all disappears before party time…

Rice Krispie Nests from Amanda’s Cookin

I love this Easter twist on the classic rice krispie treats!

Amanda’s Cookin shapes these rice krispie treats in a muffin pan to make adorable little nests. Little chocolate mini eggs make the perfect filling for these eggs, but you could fill them with another candy if you prefer!

This is also a great activity for little hands to get involved with. It’s an easy recipe to mix up, and kids will love shaping the nests and getting all sticky.

What a perfect no-bake Easter treat.

Easter Bunny Cookies from Fun Loving Families

These Easter Bunny cookies from Fun Loving Families are to TOO FREAKIN’ CUTE!

Little sugar cookie bunnies that are hugging their own little Easter eggs.

I mean seriously, I’m dying here.

When I first saw these adorable little bunnies I thought I’d need a special bunny cutter.


It’s an upside down gingerbread man!

SO freakin’ clever.

I’m definitely trying these out this Easter!

Sweet Bunny Butt Cheese Ball Easter Dessert from Emily Enchanted

Is there such a thing as too much cute?

I hope not, because this sweet bunny butt cheese ball Easter dessert from Emily Enchanted is another dose of cute overload.

Cheese balls are usually a savory affair, but this adorable bunny butt is a dessert cheese ball.

It’s also super simple to assemble, which is always a win when you’re prepping for a party.

All you need is cream cheese, funfetti cake mix, white chocolate chips and a few other pantry staples and you’ll have this show stopping Easter dessert in no time.

Quick No Bake Easter Egg Cheesecake from The Party Bloc

These Easter egg cheesecakes are soooo easy and delicious!

A yummy chocolate egg shell filled to the brim with a buttery base, a creamy no-bake vanilla cheesecake filling and decorated with your favorite Easter candy.

It’s a no-bake cheesecake recipe that will delight and surprise at your Easter dessert table. So yummy!

Peeps Easter Bunny Dirt Cups from Mommy’s Fabulous Finds

In case you hadn’t already noticed, I’m all about the easy Easter treats.

These Peeps Easter Bunny dirt cups from Mommy’s Fabulous Finds are super simple, and perfect if your need to whip something up last minute.

You can bring this together in minutes with some chocolate pudding, crushed Oreos, Peeps and mini eggs. It doesn’t get much simpler, and the kids will love it!

Strawberry “carrots” from Eats Amazing

These strawberry “carrots” from Eats Amazing are a fun Easter snack on their own, but they also make great decoration to other treats too.

You just need some orange candy melts to dip the strawberries in to make these fun “carrots”. Serve them on their own, or use them to top cakes to bring them into the Easter theme.

Easy Easter Nest Cakes from Design Simplified/Oriental Trading

A party isn’t a party without cake! These easy Easter nest cakes from Design Simplified via Oriental Trading are super simple and full of fun.

It’s great for a quick sweet treat if you’re short on time.

You don’t even need to turn the oven on for these, you can put it all together from store bought ingredients.

Just grab some store bought angel food dessert cups and frosting. Tint some shredded coconut with green food coloring, and assemble it all together. Then add some mini eggs to the top and you’ve got yourself this quick and easy Easter treat!

Easter Party Drinks

By now you’ve got some great ideas for food and decorations. But don’t forget about the drinks! Here are a few fun ideas for your Easter bash.

Carrot & Orange Easter Juice from My Fussy Eater

Easter is a pretty indulgent time.

This carrot & orange Easter juice from My Fussy Eater is a great antidote to all the chocolate and candy that’s floating around at this time of year.

The carrots and orange color make it a perfect Easter drink, but it’s also delicious and chock full of goodness and vitamins.

If you want to ramp up the Easter vibes you can use some cardstock to add the cute little bunny ears to your juice bottles. So cute!

Bunny Juice Boxes from Early Learning Ideas

For an even easier Easter themed drink, try these bunny juice boxes from Early Learning Ideas.

It’s a fun and easy way to transform store bought juice boxes into little bunny boxes.

Grab the free printable over at Early Learning Ideas!

Peeps Milkshake from Janine Huldie

Oh my gosh, this looks so delicious.

If you haven’t already had enough candy and chocolate then you’ll want to check out this decadent Peeps milkshake from Janine Huldie.

This treat is all about the decoration.

The base is a simple milkshake, but you can really go to town with all the toppings! You can really customize it to your own tastes by adding your favorite Easter candies.

Bunny Tail Drinks from The Party Teacher

I love how easy these bunny tail drinks from The Party Teacher are.

It’s a mix of pink lemonade and strawberry Kool-Aid. Isn’t it the most beautiful Easter pink?! The little tulle bunny tails are just super super cute, too.

Easter Party Games and activities

By now the kids will have tons of energy to burn after all that sugary Easter candy.

It’s time for the games to begin!

It can be a good idea to have a mix of high energy games and some quieter activities. Kids got that sugary high? Give them a high energy game so they can run some of that sugar off. Starting to crash? Break out some quieter crafts to give them something to focus on.

It’s always good to have options.

DIY Bunny Party Hats from The House That Lars Built

Let’s start with something quiet and easy.

These DIY bunny party hats From The House That Lars Built are easy and very cute.

All you need are some simple craft supplies and pastel colored card.

You can get the free hat template over at The House That Lars Built.

Shaving Cream Dyed Easter Eggs from Crafty Morning

Dyeing easter eggs is such a fun activity, but I think we all know how messy it can get. Dyes are usually water based, and water gets spilled, splashed and dripped everywhere. Especially when kids are involved!

But these shaving cream dyed Easter eggs from Crafty Morning are a fun and easy twist that is way less messy!

Of course, there’s still going to be some mess, but the shaving foam helps to contain it a bit more. Plus, you get such pretty marbling!

If you like to eat your decorated eggs then shaving foam is probably not for you. You could blow your eggs first, or try substituting the shaving foam for cool whip or whipped cream.

Pom-pom chicks from One Little Project

These adorable pom-pom chicks from One Little Project are such a cute Easter project for kids to make, and they double up as little party favors. I love an activity that does double duty!

It does use a low heat glue gun to attach the pom-poms together so this might be better for older kids. Otherwise, you might be able to use regular craft glue. It might not attach the pom-poms together quite so well.

Poke a Bunny or Poke an Egg Game from Fun 365

This Poke A Bunny Or Poke An Egg Game from Fun 365 makes for a cute party decor until it’s time to play!

It’s easy to put together with some paper cups and tissue paper. Just choose whichever shape you prefer for your game.

This also makes a great indoor activity if your outdoor Easter egg hunt has been rained off.

And kids will have a blast poking through the tissue paper to find the treats hidden inside!

Easter Scavenger Hunt from Happiness is Homemade

This Easter scavenger hunt from Happiness Is Homemade is a fun way to turn your Easter Egg hunt into a scavenger hunt!

Grad the free printable clues over at Happiness Is Homemade. All you need to do is cut them out and hide them!

Easter Bunny Sack Race from Blue Ribbon Kitchen

If you’re hosting an outdoors Easter party, try this Easter Bunny sack race from Blue Ribbon Kitchen for a cute twist on a classic.

Karri shows you how to sew up your own cotton sacks, but you can find ready sacks to make this an even easier craft. Then all you need to do is attach those cute little pom-pom bunny tails!

Easter Eggs-ercises from The Seasoned Mom

These Easter eggs-ercises from The Seasoned Mom are a fun way for kids to burn off some of that eggs-tra (I’m sorry!) energy.

Get your hands on a bunch of plastic Easter eggs and an empty egg carton. Fill each one with a strip of paper with an “eggs-ercise” activity and have the kids take turns picking them out. Check out Blair’s post for some great suggested activities to include.

This works perfectly outdoors, but it also works brilliantly as an indoor activity, especially if the weather isnn’t playing nice.

The versatility is one of the things I really love about this. You can really tailor the activities to the age of the kids. Oh, and of course this a super budget friendly activity which is always a win in my book.

And if you’ve got kids who aren’t so enthusiastic about exercise, there’s no need to even mention the dreaded exercise word! Just call this a fun Easter game and include a bunch of cute Easter-y sounding things, like bunny hops, leap like a lamb and shake your tail feather!

funny Bunny Feet Game from Get Your Holiday On

These Funny Bunny Feet from Get Your Holiday On are just hilarious!

You’ll want to have a few pairs on hand when you see how much fun the kids have with them. Thankfully they’re super simple (and cheap!) to make up with some foam board and flip flops.

They are awesome photo props, but Cas at Get Your Holiday On has some amazing ideas for hysterical Easter themed games. Go check them out – they’re sure to be a hit with the kids!

Easter Egg Rocks from Projects with Kids

When that sugar crash hits and you need a bit of downtime try these Easter Egg Rocks from Projects With Kids for a nice, quiet craft.

Bonus points if you can find egg shaped rocks to decorate!

Easter Egg Suncatcher from Fun 365/The Crafting Chicks

This Easter Egg Suncatcher from The Crafting Chicks via Fun 365 is another calm craft idea.

Plus, it doubles up as a party favor, so that’s one less thing that you need to think about!

It’s also something the kids can do with minimal supervision, so you can take this opportunity to have a breather and put your feet up.

Check out the post for the free egg template.

Easter Party Favors and Goodie Bags

You’re almost at the end!

Before you can put your feet up and get the wine out of the fridge, let’s send everyone home with something awesome and memorable.

You definitely don’t want to break the bank on the party favors though, so here are some fun, creative and budget friendly ideas.

Bunny Slime from The Best Ideas for Kids

I don’t know why, but slime is always a favorite.

And these bunny slime jars from The Best Ideas For Kids are perfectly on theme, and a really cute little gift to tuck into an Easter basket.

Plus, it’s a fun craft that your kids can help help out with before the party so they can feel more involved.

Paper Napkin Bunny Favors from One Little Project

You can literally make these paper napkin bunny favors from One Little Project in minutes.

It’s a super simple. You just need some spring-y napkins and a wooden bead. Oh, and the chocolate, of course!

Easter Bunny Party Favors Labels from I Heart Naptime

I would love to be sent home with a bag of cookies, especially if it had a cute little pun on it!

If you’re anything like me then you’ll love these Easter Bunny party favor labels from I Heart Naptime.

Just print them out, stick it on a paper bag and fill it with a couple of cookies. Job done!

Jamielyn  printed some of hers onto sticker labels and stuck them onto little fabric bags, which looks adorable! I also love how she rounded off the edges of the pink wafer cookies to make them look more like bunny ears. So clever!

Grab the free printable over at I Heart Naptime.

Easter Bunny Donuts from I Heart Arts N Crafts

You can’t say no to a sweet treat at Easter.

These Easter Bunny donuts from I Heart Arts N Crafts are super cute, and easy to put together with store bought powdered donuts and construction paper.

Carrot Bubble Wands from My Lovely Little Nest

These carrot bubble wands from My Lovely Little Nest are perfect if you’re looking for a candy free treat.

You can pick up orange bubble wands pretty cheaply, especially at this time of year. But if you’re struggling to find orange ones just grab whatever color you find and wrap them in crepe or tissue paper.

Bunny Pencil Toppers from Artzy Creations

These little bunny pencil toppers from Artzy Creations are another great chocolate free Easter favor.

You can make a batch of these adorable little bunnies in minutes, and it’s fun and easy for the kids to get involved with too.

Easter Pencil Toppers from Homan at Home

If yarn crafts are not your thing, then try these foam Easter pencil toppers from Homan At Home. They’d look so cute tucked into Easter baskets!

Check out Diane’s post has for the free printable template. All you need to do is print them out, trace them and cut!

Bunny Lollipops from Smart School House

These little bunny lollipops from Smart School House are so sweet! How adorable are the pom pom bunny tails?!

You can whip up a big batch of these up with a bag of safety lolipops, some wax paper an ribbon. It’s the perfect excuse to go on a Netflix binge!

Easter Bunny Treat Pouches from The Sweetest Occasion

Who can say no to a little pouch of mini eggs?!

These Easter Bunny treat pouches from The Sweetest Occasion are the perfect way to package up a little pile of those chocolatey treat, but of course you could fill them with any Easter candy.

You just need some construction paper, tape and pom-poms. And I won’t tell if you snack on a few those mini eggs while you’re putting everything together. You’ve got to sample the goods, right?

Are you noticing the theme here? Simple and budget friendly is my aim when it comes to the party favors, but that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the cute factor!

Bonus! Free Easter Party Printables

If you’re looking for some party printables then I’ve got just the thing for you! I’ve made these super cute party printables, and they’re absolutely free to download!

I’ve included a “Happy Easter” banner as well as an “Egg Hunt” banner. There’s also some spacer flags, invitations, cupcake wrappers, cupcake toppers and straw flags.

Just click here to find out more and download your free Easter party printables.

Let’s Party

Are you all hyped for your Easter party yet?

There are so many fun and creative Easter party ideas here! All you need to do is pick a few of your favorite party ideas and get planning that hoppy Easter party!

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Best Easter Party Ideas for Kids

Looking for Even More Easter Fun?

Soft and chewy cookies with crunchy, chocolatey candy egg pieces, these simple chocolate chip Mini Egg cookies are the perfect treat for Easter, or to use up some of that leftover Easter candy!

Why not try this fun spring themed twist on the classic chocolate chip cookie today!

Chocolate Chip Mini Egg Cookies for Easter

Why not try this delicious and simple no-bake Chocolate Easter Egg Cheesecake!

A yummy chocolate egg shell filled to the brim with a buttery base, a creamy no-bake vanilla cheesecake filling and decorated with your favorite Easter candy. It’s the perfect dessert for your Easter dinner, and a great way to use up any leftover Easter chocolate!

Easy, no-bake cheesecake filled Easter egg recipe

Looking for a fun, no-bake Easter recipe! Why not try these easy chocolate Easter nest cookies. They’re so quick to make, and the kids will love helping to make them and getting involved in the kitchen!

Kid friendly chocolate nest cookies for Easter!

Looking for a fun Easter craft? Check my free download pattern for a cute Carrot Treat box right here!

DIY Easter carrot treat box with chocolate eggs

Looking for some adorably cute and free Easter party printables to help you have a Hoppy Easter? Check out my free printable party set right here!

It includes two Easter banners (Happy Easter & Easter Egg Hunt), straw flags, treat bag toppers, cupcake toppers and more!

Free Easter party printable invitations and cake toppers

Try out this fun free Easter word search printable for a screen free spring activity that kids will love!

printable Easter word search pin

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